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How to: Wear a Slip Dress Like Kate Moss

While most ladies leave the lingerie for under their garments, one queen of the catwalk makes her own rules. This boss cemented the slip as fashion statement and turned a simple intimate into an iconic standard, making pre-Riri bad girl history along the way. We’re talking about the one and only, Kate Moss, of course.

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She may have started the revolution circa early ’90s, but over 20 years later, it’s still going strong. A little sweet, a little staple and a whole lot sexy, the truth is, you wear a slip dress the way you’d wear any other piece of lingerie—damn proud. But when the occasion calls for a little something extra, take your cues from the trendsetter herself…

Rock a Slip Dress Like Kate Moss

Full Length

Full Length Slip Dress

It’s not always about a short hem, Kate has been known to rock this silhouette at various lengths, and when the occasion calls for a more formal dress code, she goes long. And sometimes sheer, but we’ll overlook that part.

With Fur

Faux Fur Coat

…Or faux, whatever your pleasure. Glam it up in cold weather with the ultimate Moss combo, a slinky number and chic oversized fur.

With Boots

Over the Knee Boot

For a double dose of signature Kate style, boot up your slip dress selections—cropped or tall, our idol does it all.

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Monday 8th of June 2015

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