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Winter Scarves for Women — These Are The Scarf Styles To Wear Now

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Thank you to Noxerena for sponsoring this post about winter scarves. All opinions are my own.

It’s snowing as I write this and I can’t help but wonder where on earth I’ve put my scarf collection. Each year in April, I stow away those trusty knits that have kept me warm, while adding much-needed color to my drab winter outfits. Normally, I would have called my winter scarves up for duty three weeks ago — if only I could find them.

Sure, I could beat myself up for having poor organization skills. But I’d rather go shopping. For me, winter scarves are one of the few joys of cold weather — a piece of fashion I never got to enjoy when I lived in California. And I’m not missing out this year just because I put something in the wrong box. So here are the six winter scarves on my shortlist.

Women’s Winter Scarves To Wear Now

1. The workhorse

The solid, neutral knit scarf is must-have in cold climates. And yes, a deep red or burgundy is basically a neutral that’ll wear well with almost anything in your closet. I love this pick from Noxerena because it’s a classic style, adorned with those unexpected pom poms. That details sets this scarf in the perfect way.

2. The infinity scarf

Wear an infinity scarf on days when you need to keep your stress level low. Try it. No figuring how to tie it just right or getting a loose end stuck in a car door. This one from Leto Collection features a beautiful chunky knit and that delicately varied dark green color.

3. The check scarf

A check scarf is a classic choice for adding interest to an otherwise boring winter outfit. This one makes the list for its color combination of camel and blue — a departure from the usual grays, blacks, and whites we see so often.

4. The statement maker

When the check scarf doesn’t provide enough impact, sub in this bold striped piece from kate spade. It has a sleeker feel to it, which means you can wear it on dressier occasions. Try it over a sheath dress and blazer, or with a neutral blouse, trousers, and ankle booties.

5. The blanket scarf

The blanket scarf is a square of cute fabric that you can wrap around you any which way. Wear it draped in the front or toss it over your shoulders like a shawl. This one features a lovely yellow stripe that adds a nice pop of color on your casual days.

6. The work of art

The brushed stripe scarf from Melrose and Market has a simple beauty to it, thanks to the thick texture, long fringe, and the gentle gradient from pink to black. This piece wears perfectly over dark wash jeans and a solid gray top. It’s also a stunning choice to pair with a black trench coat.

That’s my list…what do you think?

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