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Lean Machine! The Coat Silhouette You Must Have This Winter & Where To Get It Now

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It’s coat season y’all! Now maybe you don’t love the cold weather, but let’s talk about the silver lining—there’s a new coat silhouette on the racks, ready to jazz up all your winter outfits.

The name of the game this season is long and lean. And long coats are practical too, as they deliver extra protection from the elements. Bid farewell to the short puffers and hip-length sherpas of years past. These are the lean machines you’ll want to step into now.

5 Long Coats We Love

The oversized topper

Don’t be alarmed by the prospect of wearing something that’s purposefully big. It’s meant to be that way, and it won’t add bulk to your frame.

This soft-brushed coat from Old Navy is a fabulous and wallet-friendly option if you want to ease your way into the oversized trend. It’s chic and sensible with skinny jeans and suede booties.

The luxe coatigan

You might have to wonder about the term “coatigan,” but honestly…what else can you call it?

This Lipsy version is all decked out in detachable faux fur trim. Much like a car coat, it features a relaxed silhouette and an open front. It’s a perfect grab-and-go option when you’re rushing out the door and need something that’s both substantial and effortless. Why not a coatigan?

The reliable classic

You can never go wrong with a shapely overcoat from the likes of MICHAEL Michael Kors. This one is available in a variety of classic colors, and features a belted waist to bring some definition to the equation. If you love the idea of wearing length but don’t want to go too long, this is a smart and stylish option you can wear for years.

The timeless wrap

Make like an old-world movie star in a gorgeous wrap coat from J. Crew. As investment pieces go, this is one of the finest and most sensible choices you can make. It’s made with the smoothest wool and features a more structured appearance that sets it apart from others in your closet. The self-tie belt makes it easy to adjust the fit as needed.

The wide lapel

Length allows you to play with details a little more than you can on a shorter coat. There’s just more room to work with. Plus, the long coat style captures a certain sophistication that short lengths lack.

This MANGO wool-blend coat makes the grade with its sleek, broad lapel and chic belt. It’s beautifully designed to keep you warm and stylish throughout the season.

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