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Super Hero Style: How To Wear a Cape

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The cape trend seems to come and go without warning. Truth be told, it’s just practical enough to pass as a non-trend—you need to stay warm when it’s chilly outside, after all, and a cape is essentially a blankety coat. And a sophisticated one at that.

Wondering how to wear a cape effortlessly this fall? Read on for five cape outfits to try now.

How to Wear a Cape 5 Ways

1. Try a cape jacket to start

If you’ve tried a cape and felt like a shapeless wreck, a cape jacket is worth a look. This style usually has the cape-style, open sleeve, but is shorter and more structured. You can easily wear it over your favorite statement top, which would be all but covered up in a traditional cape.

This Zara Cape features side slits that allow the sleeves to peek out, along with an open front that mimics the cut of a blazer.

2. Go for skinny bottoms

We wouldn’t have a post about how to wear a cape if they weren’t just a touch difficult to style. The challenge is all that fabric. Sure, there’s no better time than winter to pile on the cozy—but too much volume can overwhelm your shape and eliminate any semblance of style.

That’s why it’s best to pair a cape with something fitted underneath. Skinny jeans or leggings—the ones already in your closet—are perfect. Your sleek legs will strike a flattering balance from top to bottom. And, you can turn up the chic factor even more by adding a pair of over-the-knee boots.

3. Wrap up a soft dress

When you’re headed out for a chilly evening in a midi bodycon, a cape may be your savior. You have two styling options. Choose a cape with enough fabric to wrap comfortably around your body—preferably with a belt. Or, opt for a shorter cape with an asymmetric hem. The goal in either outfit is to emphasize your waist. Do that, and all you need is a pair of booties to finish the look.

4. Dress up your denim

Try swapping in a cape in lieu of a hoodie or your go-to sweatshirt. The effect is considerably more pulled together and poised—a cape makes even the most casual, well-worn denim look polished.

This 14th & Union Plaid Blanket Wrap is perfect with your worn skinny jeans and chunky sneakers. The result is an effortless, off-duty look that will also keep you warm throughout the day.

5. Try a one-piece

If your cape outfit experiments leave you feeling frustrated, there’s one more option to try: a one-piece cape dress or jumpsuit.

This striking jumpsuit from Lavish Alice does the styling for you, teaming a sleek silhouette and cropped length with a structured cape. All you need to add is a pair of pumps and a small leather box bag. Oh, and maybe a silky grey camisole unless you have a bunch of fashion tape on hand!

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