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The Hair Accessory You Didn’t Know You Had

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Lobs may be done, but who wanted that kind of commitment anyway? There’s a new lazy-girl trend that lets you change up your look mid-week — without the cost of keeping a glam team around ala Kylie. Jenner may swap between rainbow hues, wigs and dramatic chops, but now you’ve got a secret weapon of your own — and it’s likely hanging right in your closet.

Sweater as Hair Accessory? You Bet

Step 1. Pull on a sweater. Coats and sweaters are already your fall and winter saviors, but they’re about to take on all-new, BFF status for the simplest reason. So when you’re feeling the short, fall spirit or you’re just over your long and tangled locks for the day, grab a knit or outerwear layer and simply pull it on.

Step 2. Head out the door. There’s not much more to it than that. Leave your hair that always gets stuck behind as is. You could give it a little movement, making it a little looser, or free some layered front strands, but basically, tucked-hair turtleneck vibes give you the bobbed look you’re craving without the cut.

Why didn’t you think of it before? Honestly, you’ve probably already unintentionally rocked it. On those late days where you’re dressing in the dark or pulling pieces on as you sprint to the car. You’ve all but forgotten your hair’s hiding underneath some layers until you get to the office bathroom and *forehead slap* you pull it out and try to make it “presentable.”

Lazy chic? You bet it is. And we like nothing more. Get to scheming and envision it with some of the looks below!

3 Sweaters that Style Your Hair

1. The Cowl Neck

For ladies with a lot of hair, a looser cowl neck will easily keep thick locks tucked away in total comfort.

2. The Tight Turtleneck

On days you’re going sleek, a tighter turtleneck will do the trick. This will keep your strands taut and close to your head.

3. The Funnel Neck Coat

Funnel neck coat
Vila Funnel Neck Coat, $97 ASOS

For two looks in one throughout the day, toss on a coat with a standing collar. You can leave your hair tucked while out and about, and go back to your standard look inside the office.

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