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Simply Vera Vera Wang Fall/Winter Picks from Kohl’s

Budget Fashionista has been covering Kohl’s Simply Vera Vera Wang collection since at least 2010. The line-up has long provided stylish penny watchers with wearable apparel, handbags, shoes, and jewelry.

Admittedly, SVVW isn’t the flashiest or trendiest collection each season — not even close. But Wang’s budget collection does include pieces that don’t go out of style. These are your workhorse basics that you can spice up in future seasons with whatever trendy accessory shows up on the runway.

Here’s a look at 10 fall/winter pieces from Simply Vera Vera Wang that offer incredible value and style.

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Simply Vera Vera Wang Fall/Winter Picks

1. Raglan-sleeve top

Burgundy raglan sleeve top by Simply Vera Vera Wang.

How cute is this shirred, raglan-sleeve top in a rich burgundy velour? The raglan-sleeve design means no seam at the shoulder — that creates a softer, more relaxed look vs. a “set-in” sleeve.

I find raglan sleeves to be more feminine and flattering. That works well with the shirring at the shoulder and cuff. The result is a top that feels and fits like a sweatshirt (i.e., comfortably) but with a touch more polish.

Make this top yours for $42.50, discounted from its normal price of $50.

2. Knot-front sweater

Grey tie-front sweater by Simply Vera Vera Wang.

This tie-front sweater is right in my wheelhouse. It’s easy to wear — throw it on, tie, and go. But it also has some style elements that really stand out. The oversized sleeve and deep cuffs take this grey sweater way beyond ordinary.

You have your choice of five colors, but I love this grey. It’d work perfectly with a colorful pair of earrings or vibrant scarf.

The sweater is priced at $37, discounted from $50 normally.

3. Pintuck blouse

Lavender pin tuck blouse by Simply Vera Vera Wang.

A lovely lavender, pintuck blouse with a white stripe is a fab companion to dark wash denim or an upgraded pair of leggings. This blouse has a chic, retro vibe to it, which I love.

Users did report that the fabric is thin, so plan on layering under and over this top if you live in a cold climate. Also, judging by the photo, the blouse might be a task to iron.

The regular price is $44, but it’s on sale for $36.99 currently.

4. Bootcut jeans

Bootcut jeans from Kohl's.

Bootcut jeans are always flattering and fashionable. Simply Vera Vera Wang bootcut jeans have a reputation for being forgiving, too. Thanks to a slightly higher waist, give in the fabric, and two back pockets, these jeans hug in all the right places. Users say these jeans are also durable.

All that for $37 seems way too good to be true.

You can get Simply Vera Vera Wang bootcut jeans in two shades of black or a dark navy.

Woman wearing olive green twist dress.

Solid twist tie dress -- $19 plus shipping at Shop Byrnie.

5. Ponte pants

Ponte pants by Simply Vera Vera Wang.

Ponte pants are double-knit bottoms that pull on like leggings but (often) have a front button and zipper like skinny jeans. The result is a pant that’s more formal than your skinny jeans or leggings, and usually more comfortable.

Ponte pants have the added advantage over leggings and skinny jeans of being available with different leg cuts. These, for example, are bootcut — a more universally flattering style than the skinny leg.

Simply Vera Vera Wang pontes are priced at $44, and available in three colors: houndstooth, a subtle wine camo, and navy.

6. Patterned pant

Patterened pant by Simply Vera Vera Wang.

How about a plaid patterned bootcut pant that pulls on? Yep, Simply Vera Vera Wang has that too this season. The twill “Modern Bootcut Pant” is appropriate for work and play.

The only drawback is that they don’t have real pockets. A faux pocket is certainly more streamlined but doesn’t provide any obvious place to stick your phone. Oh well. For $37, these twill pants are still a great buy.

7. Teal cross body bag

Teal crossbody bag by Simply Vera Vera Wang.

Where SVVW clothes may lack pizzaz, the brand’s accessories have more flair. This teal ombre crossbody bag is an example. The rich green that fades into black makes for an eye-catching addition to any outfit.

The bag measures 10.5 inches in height and width and has a zipper closure. Kohl’s has it discounted to $48.30 currently, down from $69 regularly.

8. Chelsea boot

Chelsea boot by Simply Vera Vera Wang, available at Kohl's.

I like the combination of chunky rubber outsole with cozy knit cuff on this boot. I’d wear these boots regularly with jeans, sweater, and scarf. But you could also experiment with a long skirt or dress. If weather allows, a cropped jean with frayed hem is another fun option.

The price on these is nice at $60, on sale from $70. They’re not real leather, but that doesn’t bother me.

9. Mismatched earrings

Mismatched earrings, a moon and a star.

I could easily make my own mismatched studs, considering how many times I’ve lost one earring of a set. But I prefer SVVW’s take on the mismatched pair. For $14, you get a pretty moon-and-star hematite set that sparkles just enough. At that price, you won’t worry too much about losing one or the other (the very reason I rarely by splurgy earrings anymore).

10.  Faux pearl necklace

Faux pearl necklace by Simply Vera Vera Wang.

I adore pearls. They’re so elegant, even when they’re not real. This fun necklace will set you back all of $34. The offset design livens up the traditional string, without being too youthful.

The necklace is 16 inches long with a 3-inch extender. Wear it over your favorite sweaters this winter as an easy outfit upgrade or pair it with a dress for holiday parties.

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