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Guide to Being Single on Valentines Day

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When the supermarket starts stocking up on roses and romantic balloon bouquets, you know V day is right around the corner. In this girl’s honest opinion, Valentine’s Day is SO overblown and commercialized that even many happily coupled friends ignore it. Oddly enough, it’s my single friends who get serious about Valentines Day–and not in a good way. So if Valentine’s Day turns you into a wine-guzzling, sweatpants-wearing hermit, then this guide to being single on Valentines Day is for you.

Tips for Surviving Single on Valentines Day

1. Know What V-Day Dates Are Really Like

Valentines Day is a holiday best celebrated by newbie couples who are gaga in love. If you’ve been there recently, you might remember being consumed with your newfound sweetie and talking about it all the time. V-day is perfect for that stage of a relationship, because the holiday is all about over-the-top displays of affection.

But many established couples downplay Valentine’s Day, and for good reason.

First, in a more established relationship, the urge to express your love constantly may have died down a bit.

Secondly, dates on Valentine’s day generally stink. The food is overpriced, the restaurant is too crowded and there’s a high probability your car’s coming back from the valet with door dings.

So, single ladies, be thankful you’re not burdened by expectations for perfection and sublime romance that will likely go unfulfilled.

2. Rally the Troops

single on valentines day - girls out drinking

Get your single girlfriends together and plan a nice trip or an all-day activity. Just be sure to set the rules ahead of time. No Debbie downer conversation! If someone’s going to talk about an ex-boyfriend, it’d better be to share something really embarrassing about him. Lamenting the good times with an old flame is off limits.

3. Get Competitive

Exercise can get you out of a mental rut like nothing else. And getting yourself signed up for competitive exercise practically forces you to commit. Volunteer to play in a softball game, arrange a run with a group of friends, or organize a kickball game. All of these activities, of course, should definitely be followed by a trip to the nearest sports bar.

If you don’t live near friends, peruse the local coffee shop for teams needing more players. Or, sign up for a virtual 5K walk/ run, which can be done anywhere.

4. Go to a Full-Service Movie Theater

The movie theater is another great option for single women on Valentines Day. The only rule here is that romantic comedies are not allowed. This year, opt for How to Be Single. You’ll likely be surrounded by other single folks in the theater.

The choice of venue is important here too. I’d recommend a full-service theater that offers food and drink service. What’s more indulgent than sliding into a big puffy recliner and then pushing a button to request a glass of wine?

5. Get Creative

girl painting pottery
Head to a pottery studio to get creative on Valentines Day

If you’re not into competitive sports, try expressing your creative side. Go to a poetry jam or a pottery studio with friends. Or reorganize your music collection and create new themed playlists or even mashups. Or make a scrapbook for a friend who has a birthday coming up. The opportunities here are endless.

6. Read About Successful, Funny Women

Women do amazing things (without men) everyday. If you feel the single blues dragging you down, the fix is just a YouTube search away. Get inspired by successful female comedians like Amy Schumer, Kate McKinnon, Chelsea Handler and Amy Poehler. Watch their clips on YouTube and you’ll see that laughter really is good for you.

Amy Schumer, The Cure for Valentines Day Blues
Amy Schumer, The Cure for Valentines Day Blues

7. Pamper Yourself

You should pamper yourself regularly, but there’s no shame in having a little extra “you time” around Valentines Day. I say go big and treat your nails, face and body.


Spoil yourself with a manicure and pedicure, or go out with your girlfriends for a manicure date. Stay lighthearted by choosing cheery colors. My choice this year is a gorgeous feminine and sassy color from OPI called Girl Without Limits.

opi nailpolish
OPI Girl Without Limits Infinite Shine Polish, $12.49,


Treat yourself to a spa day or go with your girlfriends! Splurge on a deep tissue massage (which is a great next-day followup to a competitive sports activity by the way). Or go budget and buy yourself an at-home facial kit, like this affordable option from bliss.

bliss Facial in a Box, $14, Macy's
bliss Facial in a Box, $14, Macy’s


Therapy shopping is really a thing. So when all else fails, find yourself something pretty to wear. Look for a romantic dress that flatters, like this Jessy Knotted Maxi Dress by GCGme. Depending on your mood, you can pick within a range of colors from classy black to sexy red. The knot in the middle creatives flattering gathers that accentuate your shape while hiding potential trouble spots.

Green maxi dress
JESSY Knotted Sleeveless Cocktail Maxi Dress, $59.30,

Tell us single ladies, what do you do to celebrate being single on Valentines Day?

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