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Layered Outfits — Stay Warm and Chic This Season

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You know how to dress for the season, and you’re generally on the cusp of what’s comfortable and trendy. You’ve likely seen a few unfortunate examples of layering that look a little too bulky to be acceptable — or even comfortable. Even a few runway looks from the AW ’18 shows had us raising eyebrows. In those moments, you may wonder how a girl can properly put together stylish layered outfits.

Not to worry though! You can master the layered look and stay comfortable — and warm — all season long.

Layered Outfits to Wear Now

Pair a Coat and a Cardigan

On blustery fall mornings that demand you look the part even when your eyes are half closed, you’ll need to make some quick decisions…like latte or macchiato? And, more importantly, camel, gray or black coat?

A neutral starting point is an excellent choice, because it gives you the freedom to layer all manner of jewel-toned cardigans underneath. That’s what you’ll want when you’re holed up inside the office all day, because it will keep you comfy in the unfortunate event your workplace feels chilly.

Try this combo

Vest Over a Turtleneck

Turtlenecks have an unfortunate association with second-grade class pictures. That doesn’t mean they’re completely relegated to the back of the closet, though. You just need to revamp how you style them.

Start with simplicity — something in black, gray, or ivory is an excellent foundation for the vest you wear on top. What you’re after here is contrast, because you should allow yourself the creative liberty to have some fun with whatever you wear over your trusty turtleneck.

When vest shopping, think in terms of warmth and shape. As an example, a low-profile puffer vest makes an excellent layer. As it’s filled with a lightweight material that won’t add bulk, you stay warm without looking like the Michelin Man.

Try this combo

Dress Up Your Dresses

You may have bid a subdued farewell to your favorite dresses as cooler weather suddenly took over, but not so fast. There’s still the possibility that you can pull off your tried-and-trues with a little wardrobe tweak. Whether you favor sleeves or not, try layering your dress over a button-down shirt or basic crew neck for a refreshed take on corporate style. It’s even chic enough for an after-hours date or lunch with the ladies. Stay within a similar color family to maintain a polished look.

Try this combo

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